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Places to see, books to read…..

Latest from the Blog

A Venetian bookshop

Who doesn’t love a bookshop? I’m drawn in when I see one, especially if it’s a little quirky. I went to Venice a couple of years ago and followed lots of Instagram sites before I went. I came across the craziest bookshop, the ‘Libreria Acqua Alta’ – Acqua Alta is high tide, when Venice floods.…

Greece is the word

I’ve loved Greece since first visiting Corfu in the early 90’s on a cheap deal where you were ‘allocated on arrival’. This was the Russian roulette of holidays; the bus pulled up and everyone looked terrified at the though of staying in that place, in the middle of nowhere, breathing a sigh of relief when…

They’ve stolen our Banksy!

What a shame that we lost our Banksy! We were so proud to have it and crowds flocked to see it. Deep into the pandemic it gave Nottingham a real boost so it was with great sadness when I heard that it had been sold to a gallery down south. It’s completely understandable of course…

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